How To Make A Simple Frock

Easy way to make a frock


Fashion trends come and go but the little Girl’s Frock stays on, ever since its inception in the 12th century it has retained its iconic status against Spring, Fall and other fashion seasons that come and go. Though the original frock has undergone quite a few changes over time, the basic essence of the garment has stayed alive reinventing itself time and again – its latest avatar is cuteness personified. Mothers adore it, while little girls begin their love affair with fashion from their very first frock. So why not make a frock that will turn your daughter into a princess. Great idea? Yeah, let’s frock it!

Materials Required: Frock

  • Cotton Cloth: 1 pc 90 cm with 42 cm width
  • Brown paper: 1 Sheet  36”x46”
  • Satin Ribbon: 1 meter
  • Hooks: 3 pcs
  • Polyester thread matching the fabric colour: 1 Reel

Tools required:

  1. Marking pen
  2. Tailors chalk
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Foot Scale
  5. French Seam…

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Biryani (mutton)😍

Awesome biryani… Must try

Food Dairies by Aaminah

Can I ever get enough of my mom’s biryani !! I don’t think.. Ever! It’s mouthwatering and delicious 🙂 and it’s the easiest recipe for biryani that I’ve come across .. One thing that can make it or break it is the rice, it should not be undercooked or overcooked.
The mutton can be replaced with chicken , prawns or vegetables for variations , of course the cooking time will depend on the type of meat used .
Serves :7

for the masala:
1. 6 teaspoons of oil
2. Garam masala ( 3 cardamom, 4 cloves , and 1 medium piece of cinnamon )
3. 5 onion (sliced)
4. 5 tomato (sliced)
5. 1 lemon
6. Curds – 250 gms
7. Mutton – 1 kg
8. Ginger garlic paste – 2 table spoon
9. Red chilly powder 1 teaspoon
10. Coriander and mint leaves (fresh)(handful)
11. Salt to taste.

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